Luv Lops’ Snickerdoodle

Luv Lops' Snickerdoodle

“Luv Lops’ Snickerdoodle”
Solid Chestnut, Senior Buck

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“Snickerdoodle” is currently our main herd buck for our rabbitry and is also one of our best bucks we’ve ever produced. He is very short, heavily muscled, thick boned, and extremely compact. He has a beautiful head and open ears, and his crown has great width/depth/thickness of fur and height to boot! We are so excited and blessed to have Snickerdoodle with us and we plan to use him as our foundation for our herd. He is stamping his wonderful type to his offspring and we are breeding him heavily for offspring to be shown at Nationals next year. We absolutely love him!!! Carries dilute and REW!