Luv Lops’ Paprika

Luv Lops' Paprika

“Luv Lops’ Paprika”
Solid Orange, Senior Doe

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“Paprika” was by far the nicest orange and the nicest doe we had ever produced. She was the sweetest Holland, and everything anyone could have asked for in a breeding program. She had the cleanest color, the most well-balanced type, the most beautiful head, ear, and crown. With her participance of only two shows, she was able to win 4 legs, one being a Best In Show (being just a few days over 6 months old). With her unexpected and devastating passing this summer, she will forever be in our hearts as the greatest Holland we’ve ever owned. It’s hard to believe that her time here with us was a short six and a half months, but we are ever blessed and thankful to have had the blessing of owning such an amazing friend. Even though we unfortunately weren’t able to capture a picture of her as an amazing adult, her junior picture still represents the amazing doe that she was, and the most precious doe we believed her to be. R.I.P. Paprika, we love you.