Sale & Shipping Policies


Sales Policy…

All Luv Lops’ rabbit sales are strictly held to the following sales policy.  Luv Lops’ rabbits are offered for sale to people as best determined by our placement decisions and in the order that we receive serious inquiry or reply.  In either case, you will need to indicate an interest to purchase or we will inform the next inquirer that they may proceed.  Luv Lops Rabbitry reserves the right to refuse a sale for any reason deemed necessary and to revoke an agreement of sale at any point of time in its sole and absolute discretion and without the need to provide reasons for such revocation.  We have the right to cancel a sale at anytime until the rabbit has been picked up and is official sold.

All rabbits will be sold at the prices either quoted via email from Luv Lops Rabbitry or by phone.  When inquiring, please keep in mind that we do NOT sell our does bred or offer stud service under ANY circumstances.  Discounts may be available for purchasing three of more rabbits depending on the rabbits being sold, i.e., top show quality rabbits with excellent genetics or rare traits in high demand will most likely not be reduced in price.  Rabbits listed as show quality are typically proven on the show table and/or are believed to be of show quality and free from disqualifications.  Although every attempt will be made to ensure show rabbits are free from disqualifications at the time of sale, Luv Lops is not responsible for undiscovered disqualifications that may appear, or be acquired, after a rabbit is sold.  Additionally, we do not guarantee a sale rabbit’s breeding or show success.  For these reasons, we strongly encourage buyers to personally evaluate their rabbit(s) prior to purchase.

In order for Luv Lops to place a sale rabbit “on hold” for pick-up at an upcoming national show, i.g., ARBA Convention or Holland Lop Nationals, full payment must be received within 24 hours of informing us of your intent to purchase.  All national sales are final and no refund will be given except at our sole discretion.  To place a sale rabbit “on hold” for pick-up at an upcoming local show that we plan to attend, a 50% non-refundable deposit will be required within 24 hours of after informing us of your intent to purchase.  Once the deposit is received, you will have an opportunity to look over the rabbit before paying in full.  If the rabbit is not deemed as advertised or it has an undiscovered disqualification and you decided against it, a full refund of the deposit may be given at our discretion.  However, if you decide against the rabbit for other reasons, the deposit will be subject to forfeit.  All rabbits must be paid for in full and picked up within two weeks unless prior agreements have been made.   In either case, in order for Luv Lops to hold rabbits for durations longer than two weeks, full payment must be received within 24 hours after informing us of your intent to purchase or no later than one week if other agreements are made by both parties.  In addition, a fee may apply for holding rabbits for long durations, so please inquire.  If payment is not received within the given time frames noted above, we will keep to our policy and inform the next inquirer that they may proceed.

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Method of Payment…

Regarding methods of payment, Luv Lops currently accepts cash, wire transfers, PayPal payments, and checks for domestic purchases. Unfortunately, we do not accept wire transfers, personal, cashiers checks, and money orders as immediate forms of payment because the clearing process often takes up to a week. When using PayPal, the buyer is responsible for paying any associated PayPal service fees, if applicable.  Currently, the only method of payment that we accept for international purchases is bank wire transfers. All sales are final after full payment has been received in hand.



Although great efforts are made to keep our site current, availability and pricing are subject to change (increase or decrease) without notice unless a deposit is due or has been received for a particular rabbit. Such changes are often based on a rabbit’s growth development. Below is a price list that may help you.

  • Show Quality: $250+
    This means the rabbit listed for sale fits well within the ARBA breed standards and is free from any known disqualifications at the time the sale is made. Show rabbits are sold with a full three-generation pedigree and their ARBA registration, ARBA grand champion certification, and show legs, if applicable.
  • Brood Quality: $150+
    This means that the rabbit lacks a certain quality or presence needed to compete competitively on the table, but the rabbit is a proven producer or has potential to produce quality offspring based on its conformation genetics, and breeding history, if applicable.  In some cases the rabbit may be marked as brood quality because of its age or it may have a non-inheritable disqualification (such as a slight injury from birth) that won’t allow it to be shown.  Brood quality rabbits are sold with a full three-generation pedigree along with their ARBA registration, ARBA grand champion certification, and show legs, if applicable.
  • Pet Quality: $200
    We occasionally have pet quality Hollands available to loving homes.  Please note that our pets are not sold with a three-generation pedigree, and must be spayed/neutered by our veterinarian before leaving our care.  The spaying/neutering procedure fee is covered by Luv Lops Rabbitry.


Transportation Policy…

Transportation to local shows, ARBA Convention, and Nationals is typically available.  Please click here to see a current list of upcoming shows we’ll be attending and then email us to inquire about availability.   Transport fees (which may be quoted via email), if applicable, and/or the total sale price of the rabbit(s) must be paid in full according to our “Sales Policy” (above) prior to transporting.  Only cash or PayPal is accepted (checks may be accepted at our discretion). When using PayPal, which is our preferred method of payment, the buyer is responsible for paying all additional PayPal service fees (if applicable).  Due to safety and health concerns, we do not ship our rabbits with other transporters.


Airline Shipping Policy…Cartoon-airplane[1]

National (US) and international shipping is available.  Please note there are times when shipping via an airline is not possible due to adverse weather that may endanger the health of the rabbit(s).  Such weather includes temperatures below 10° Fahrenheit or greater than 85° Fahrenheit at any point of travel.  Additionally, there may be also times of heightened stress, i.e., age or times of molt, when it may not be appropriate for a rabbit to fly.

When shipping is possible, our airline of choice is United PetSafe (for national shipments) because it provides the shortest counter-to-counter service from our area, the lowest cargo flight costs, and health certificates are only required for international shipments.  Missoula International Airport (MSO), located in Missoula, MT, and Glacier Park National Airport (FCA), located in Kalispell, MT, are our preferred airports to ship from and they’re both approximately one and a half hours away from our home (each way or a minimum transit time of three hours).  For international flights, we prefer to ship from Seattle International Airport (SEA), Los Angelus International Airport (LAX), or Newark International Airport (EWR). Below is a list of the average buyer’s domestic national and international shipping expenses to help assist you with any questions you may have. Actual fees are subject to change per shipment. Please inquire for further information.


US National/Domestic Shipping…

We require a $150 minimum purchase to ship within the nation, please inquire for more information.

Average National Shipping Costs:

  • $50 transportation surcharge
  • $113 airline approved carrier (convertible 2-6 hole carrier)
  • $165 United PetSafe airline transportation fees (actual price varies according to the total shipping
    weight of the carrier when including rabbits/food/water)
  • $1.00 per pair of metal airline approved crocks (one pair required per rabbit)
    Average Total: $329.00

Important Note:  The total shipping fees and sale cost of the rabbit(s) must be paid in full prior to shipping.  Only PayPal is accepted for US national purchases.  When using PayPal, the buyer is responsible for paying all additional PayPal service fees (if applicable).


International Shipping…

International Carrier

International Airline Approved Carrier (2-6 holes)

We require a $500 minimum purchase to ship internationally, please inquire for more information. International buyers may need to obtain an import permit in order for us to ship to you.

Estimated International Shipping Costs:

  • $80 – transportation surcharge (includes two, three hour round trips…first to the USDA certified veterinarian and the second to the local airport)
  • $113 – international airline approved shipping carrier (one, convertible 2-6 hole carrier)
  • $900 – United PetSafe & International Airway Fees (actual price varies according to international airline used, the total shipping weight of the carrier when including rabbits/food/water, and the final destination)
  • $130 – International Health Certificate, Per Consignee
  • $38 – USDA Endorsement, Per Consignee (if bloodwork is required by the importing country, the USDA endorsement fee, per test, is $121 for the first animal and $7 for additional animals.)
  • $64 – Overnight Mailing of USDA Documents
  • $1.00 per pair of metal airline approved crocks (one pair required per rabbit)
    Average Total: $1,337.00

Important Note:  The total shipping fees and the total sale cost of the rabbit(s) must be paid in full prior to shipping.  Only wire transfers are accepted for international purchases.


First Right of Refusal…

Because we care about the future health and happiness of our rabbits and the Holland Lop breed, Luv Lops Rabbitry retains first right of refusal if, at any time in the life of any rabbit we sell, and the buyer is unable or unwilling to keep the rabbit.  Continuously, a Luv Lops rabbit may not be resold, given away, or leased without the prior written consent of Luv Lops, who shall have first right refusal.  Buyer also agrees to allow Luv Lops enough time to repurchase and transport the rabbit or act as an agent regarding the successful re-homing of a Luv Lops rabbit.  Except for show purposes, at no time will a Luv Lops rabbit leave the buyer’s residence intact for any reason, including but not limited to the sale, replacement, gift, pet, or paid/free lease purposes, unless the rabbit is being returned to, or re-homed by, Luv Lops Rabbitry.  Unless other agreements are made prior to purchase, the buyer will receive a refund after the Luv Lops rabbit has been received in healthy condition or after being successfully re-homed and only for the amount that Luv Lops Rabbitry received for rabbit, minus any expenses.  Should the first right of refusal be breached, buyer agrees to pay any and all fees, including ARBA grievance fees, that may result should Luv Lops Rabbitry require professional assistance in order to repurchase or re-home their rabbit.


Limited Warranty…

Luv Lops guarantees any rabbit we sell to be, to the best of our knowledge, in good health and free from disease, symptoms of disease, or injury up to the time the buyer or the buyer’s transportation service provider takes responsibility or the animal leaves our rabbitry, whichever comes first.  At that time, we revoke any and all guarantees due to the risks that are beyond our control which include, but are not limited to, improper circumstance, handling, and care provided by the new owner/transportation service.  For those interested in verifying current health, buyers bearing the expense may exercise the option for us to obtain a health check and certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian before purchase, pick-up, or transport.  Being resolute in our efforts to ensure and protect the health of our rabbits, Luv Lops reserves the right to void any and all agreements and refund all monies paid should a rabbit become ill or develop a genetic disqualification prior to a final sale, pick-up, or scheduled transportation.  Despite these efforts, should a rabbit become ill or die within 72 hours of the new owner/transport having taken responsibility, Luv Lops may choose, in its sole and absolute discretion, to offer a future replacement of like kind and value, when available, or to refund monies paid for any sale rabbit in need of veterinarian care within the indicated time frame.  In such an event, immediate communication along with proof of illness or death from a licensed veterinarian and return of the rabbit may be necessary and all medical costs and expenses shall be borne by buyer.


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