Luv Lops’ Bobby

Luv Lops' Bobby

“Luv Lops’ Bobby”
Broken Tort, Senior Buck

5th Place BJB @ 2011 Youth ARBA Convention

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“Bobby” is such a gorgeous buck and he has been part of our foundation for our entire herd here at Luv Lops Rabbitry. Bobby has a fantastic head, width/depth/height of crown, and nice short/thick teaspoon ears. He also has very short/thick bone, nice width & length of body, and a very beautiful overall presence. He has consistently produced top show quality offspring and most of our herd goes back to him. Bobby has made a huge impact to our breeding program and he’ll always be one of our all time favorites. He is truly an amazing buck with a sweet and flashy personality. We love everything about Bobby and feel so thankful and blessed to have him with us! Carries dilute.

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